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Ways to Give



Donate today to support community programs:

  • In raising awareness about pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Importance of screening, early detection, and referral to diabetes management and prevention
  • How to make simple lifestyle changes to promote good health and minimize risks for diabetes

We provide services without regard for participant's ability to pay and the uninsured

  • They will derive the same benefits of our educational programs in diabetes self-management and prevention
  • We provide scholarships which make it possible for all members of the community to attend these classes

Donations are tax deductible:

  • Donate today and make it possible for the most "at risk" for diabetes to receive the benefits of these programs in their local communities, where they live, learn, worship, work and play.
  • Sponsor a loved one with pre-diabetes or with persistently uncontrolled diabetes despite treatment.


    [ ] Yes; I want to support my local community with Programs for Diabetes Self-Management and Prevention Education!




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