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Diabetes Durable Equiment

IPDC ensures quality outcomes by providing the highest standard of care: providing a "One-Stop" approach where we provide all necessary equipment including Diabetes Glucose Meters and Supplies to teach self-management skills.


Continuous performance improvement and the highest standards have earned us the following:

Certificate of Accreditation by Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

Diabetes Durable Medical Equipment (DME) combined with Diabetes Self-Management Education 

DME CA License Number 96123

We now provide the very best in diabetes durable medical equipment combined with Diabetes Self-Management Education, directed by Certified Diabetes Educator, along with excellent Customer Service to deliver an experience that is flawless from beginning to end.



Diabetes Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Our newly added DME Department will provide blood glucose meters and testing supplies, teach necessary skills, and provide tools for managing and controlling blood glucose.


Diabetes Self-Management Education 

Our curriculum will help you and your family manage blood sugar testing, highs and lows, insulin, nutrition, and more including coping with diabetes and general well-being.

These resources will also help you and your family navigate life with diabetes and the common everyday challenges associated with the condition. Our curriculum will review general information about diabetes self-management skills, and provide tools and support for coping, improving, and sustaining achieved blood glucose control.


In addition to the evaluation and treatment of patients, an important part of our mission is to provide you and your family with educational materials and resources. We offer:

  • Diabetes self-management classes
  • Diabetes technology classes for use of glucose meters and testing supplies.
  • Online diabetes education
  • Diabetes support groups

Making an appointment with a certified diabetes educator

You can make an appointment with a certified diabetes educator by calling 818-714-2066 or emailing  info@pdptcenter.org You will be asked to suggest times that fits your schedule and which diabetes education session you would like to attend. 



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