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Community Partnerships


Building Community Support for Diabetes


Community Partnership:

International Pre-Diabetes Center, (IPDC) a 501©3 community-based organization that was founded by a Kaiser Permanente Pharmacist in 2013 to improve outcomes for diabetes among minority and vulnerable populations: partnered with AstraZeneca (AZ), a pharmaceutical industry, and Kaiser Permanente, Panorama City Medical Center who both shared a common mission to improve the health and well-being of the communities and population they serve. The three stake-holder organizations supported the partnership to "Build Community Support for Diabetes (BCSD)", and from the BCSD initiative: Diabetes Community Resource Center (DCRC) evolved.



In the Northeast San Fernando Valley, the Diabetes Community Resource Center (DCRC) catchment area: there exists a population of approximately 30,000 persons, mostly racial/ethnic minorities, with uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes, who are also high utilizers of health care services due to their diabetes and who face many SDOH, such as poverty, low health literacy, and food and housing insecurity. 
The DCRC launched the Building Community Support for Diabetes (BCSD) to assist this population to:
(1).  mitigate their SDOH; 
(2).  acquire knowledge and skills necessary to practice effective self-management and 
       problem-solving skills; 
(3).  improve their overall confidence in self-care behaviors and thereby improve their health outcomes and wellbeing. 

The communities we serve face multiple, competing life priorities, language barriers, and low levels of health literacy pose challenges for many members of the communities.
Our weapons of choice to assist these communities to overcome the barriers and challenges
Were effective communication and Education. 


Partnership Conclusion:

•    Over the two-year project period:

•    patients' hospitalization rate decreased by 68.8%, 
•   the emergency department visit rate decreased by 22.8%, thereby 
•    averting approximately $2 million dollars in healthcare cost avoidance.
•    A $1.6 million return on investment;
 (Total funding budget of $510,000 over 2 years: $425K for the BCSD program and $85K for building a screening APP for SDOH)


To Access the Final Narrative Project Report for this 2 year Community Collaborative Project:


Please Click the Link to the Final Narrative Report provided below:


 Read: Final Narrative Report








To Improve Health Outcomes for Vulnerable Populations




  • Create community partnerships with major stakeholders of diverse community organizations to join forces and pursue a shared interest in improving community health
  • Promote approaches that screen and target the most vulnerable populations to reduce disproportionate disparities that drive poor health outcomes.
  • Leverage resources to improve environment and community capacity in ways that are sustainable and produce measurable health outcomes


To Review Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

Correlation Between SDOH and Impact on Chronic Disease Health Outcomes


Please Click the Link Provided Below (To Access the Presentation)


 Read More About the Impact of Community Partnership and Results


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